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2017 is winding down and coming to a close.  It's been quite the year, what with me fulfilling a dream of opening a retail location for my quilt shop, discovering Tumor Ted, emergency surgery for his removal and the subsequent closing of my retail location. But, dreams are funny in that they seldom die, and God is so so good.  I'm healthy and ready to restart.  Life is long and we shouldn't give up when we face setbacks.  I'm looking forward to the Thanksgiving, the Christmas holiday season and 2018; aren't you?

As you've probably seen everywhere on IG, Quilt Market just ended in Houston, and I am so excited to show you some of the items I have ordered for early next year.  Christmas isn't even here yet for this year but lines for next Christmas are already ordered!  Two of my favorites are the lines from Bonnie & Camille, Vintage Holiday, and from Urban Chiks, Swell Christmas.  Both have quilt kits that you really should check out! 

Swell Christmas Santa from Urban Chiks

As an incentive, I am offering all pre-orders of either of the quilt kits a 10% refund on the cost if the pre-order is placed in the next two weeks.  It'll help me know exactly how many I need to order for the shop and hopefully help you out with a reduced cost!  No coupon necessary; I'll do an auto-refund!

Christmas Cheer using B&C's upcoming line, Vintage Holiday

Tomorrow I'll highlight some of the other lines I've ordered for the shop.  I'm really excited to see what you think!

 So many blessings, you guys,



November 08, 2017 by Jennifer Garner

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