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You guys... Thank You!  So many reached out and offered a warm welcome back note to me after my recent Newsletter.  Thank You for being so kind and understanding about my absence.  I have always thought that women suffer because Eve first sinned but going through all of the hormonal adjustments, deep/dark depression after my hysterectomy, I gotta tell you, it was rough!  I know, I know, TMI but if you're out there reading this and you need someone to hold your hand as you walk that path, reach out to me or someone 'cause it's NO fun!

Okay, how about some quilty stuff.  That's what you're reading for, right?  We left off with the quilt kits I ordered after Quilt Market.  (Big-O thank you to those who ordered!)  Now for some of the lines I've pre-ordered.

First Up - Delivery for March 2018

BasicGrey's Meraki

Meraki FQ Bundle - 34 Skus

Meraki FQ Bundle by BasicGrey - 34 Skus


Low Volume - Inspirational Print

Meraki - Low Volume & Inspirational Print - Come On!!


April 2018 (What fun deliveries they will be!!)

Vintage Holiday - Bonnie & Camille's Long-Awaited Christmas line!


40 Skus


Pepper and Flax from Corey Yoder - Little Miss Shabby - 30 Skus


May 2018 - Seems sooo far away:

Swell with the cutest Santa faces ever!


Harmony - with its blues, greys and yellows, I'm in love!

30 Skus


Isn't 2018 going to be a busy year of creativity?  There are SO many pretty lines and SO little time to use them all.  Please don't be a hoarder - let's make beautiful things with that fabric!

I'd love to feature items you make with products you buy from my shop!  Send me pictures, and if I select your pretty makings, I'll include your picture & story in my newsletter and send you a 10% off coupon!  Let's inspire each other!

Happy Wednesday, everyone!  May your day be blessed!


November 15, 2017 by Jennifer Garner

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